vision and mission


Supply our customers with package solutions, overally ensure the quality, schedule and optimize investment cost.


Become the top company for designing, manufacturing and supplying of technical assistance in food and beverage industry in VietNam.

Alpha Corp is proud of following strengths:

1.    Top experts and engineers in VietNam.

2.    Equipment, material and accessories are  exclusively imported.

3.    Professional working process, on time and best quality.

Business philosophy :

In Alpha, Our Corp takes business philosophy as foundation of sustainable development. It is not only business moral compass but also lodestar for business operation of Company.

Our business philosophy is :

–      “Talk the talk, Walk the talk” with a bright clear mind.

–       Nonstop learning, self criticism, creative developing and renovating of people.

–      Be proactive with modern technology in the world to apply suitably and optimal for economics of VietNam.

–       Trying to bring prestige, fast and optimizing investment expenditure for customers.

–       Combining, strongly interacing with services creating supplying chain which is optimal for customers.

–       Inheriting available strong foundation.