Economic development together with increasing consumer demand leads to a real demand for high quality, safe products as well as the responsibility of producers to society and the environment. To meet the requirements by the law as well as the requirements of consumers, at the same time to survive and grow in a competitive and increasingly developing production and business environment, most manufacturing enterprises must constantly change technologies and upgrade equipment, processing chains, apply new technologies, use energy-efficient devices and equipment of high quality with appropriate investment costs and reduce expenditures, repairs, maintenance and increase production efficiency.

Recognizing the problems and needs of industries especially the processing, food and pharmaceutical industries, Alphagroup Joint Stock Company (ALPHAGROUP) was established with a team of experienced people in manufacturing, trading and processing technology to provide the market with the most suitable products, equipment and technology for facilities, processing enterprises, manufacturers and laboratories, schools.With a legal capital of VND 180 billion along with high quality human resources from reputable corporations and large enterprises, ALPHAGROUP is committed to providing customers with a wide range of products, large quantities, and short delivery time, long warranty period and perfect customer service, and ALPHAGROUP also prove to be a reliable and responsible partner in the design, construction, manufacturing and supply of equipment for factories. industry, food.

ALPHAGROUP collaborates with many professors, doctors and leading experts in the field of food, quality management, refrigeration, automatic control, mechanics, security support tools, medical equipment, real estate, scientific and technological equipment to provide customers with accurate advice and meet the most demanding requirements. ALPHAGROUP also provides customers with technology documents, technical documents, product quality standards, technological processes and many valuable documents to add value to customers.