AlphaGroup, formerly known as ALPHA Energy Electrical Mechanical Joint Stock Company, was founded on April 16, 2010 based on the cooperation of leading experienced experts in Vietnam and internationally. After many years of operation in the food and beverage industry, with a team of highly qualified staff and employees who have designed, manufactured and implemented almost all NGK Beer and Wine production line equipment systems across the country such as: System of breweries of Sabeco, Habeco, Heiniken, Carlsberg, AB Inbev, Binh Tay Wine factory, Halico wine factory… with modern machinery and equipment system, Alpha Group constantly innovates, updates new knowledge and scientific achievements to quickly master technology.

As one of the units with extensive experience, AlphaGroup specializes in providing system integration solutions from services of consulting, design, manufacturing, construction, installation, to services of maintenance and retail of spare parts for all food and beverage production line systems. During its operation, AlphaGroup always takes “Prestige and quality” as the top standard for Alpha Group to reach customers.

Chairman of The board Le Viet Thang

    With the desire to bring customers products and services according to international standards and completely new experiences with modern technology, in its field of operation, AlphaGroup always proves its pioneering role, leading change according to the trend of global economic integration, becoming a strong multi-industry corporation with a team of experienced and highly specialized personnel with over 20 years of experience and member companies such as: Swide, NTE…

    AlphaGroup’s current activities:

+ Design, manufacture equipment and construct, install and provide maintenance services for industrial equipment, materials and accessories: Pumps, valves, industrial measuring equipment, heat exchange equipment, supply F&B technology equipment units…

+ Train and transfer technology for the F&B food and beverage industry.

+ Invest in construction of civil works;

+ Provide support tools for national defense and security;

+ Provide medical equipment and scientific and technological equipment;

+ Solutions for applying digital technology;

With our enthusiasm and experience, we are committed to applying creative and innovative internal science and technology to bring the best satisfaction to customers in terms of product quality, implementation progress and investment costs.

With the goal of creating a sustainable value chain of 03 WIN:

Win Customers/Partners – Win Employees – Win Company,

AlphaGroup constantly strives every day to build a team of “Golden Human Resources” with the highest “Discipline” and “Professionalism” with a bright “Heart” and “Forbearance” to “Win Together”:

 AlphaGroup’s head office