Consult technology transfer



Evaluate the overall and comprehensive quality of the unit’s products
Comprehensively and comprehensively evaluates the entire production process being used
Comprehensively and comprehensively assess the quality analyzes being used
Consulting and providing technical solutions to solve problems encountered while working in the unit
WORK SCHEDULE: The program consists of 2 days, directly conducted by TS. Bill Simpson, Chief Executive Officer Cara Technology – Senior Consultant, and other experts from Cara Technology and Alphacorp.

Day 1:

Ask questions and discuss technical issues that the unit is interested in
Visiting, surveying and re-evaluating the entire production process, from input to finished products and packaging
Sensory evaluation of 10 finished products
Discuss, consult and provide technical support information
Day 2:

Depending on the results of the first day of work, the second point of intervention will be the intervention, such as yeast transplantation, sedimentation, filtration.
Visiting and evaluating analytical, microbiological and sensory laboratories
Sensory evaluation of water, raw materials, raw materials, houblon and yeast
Sensory evaluation of 10 semi-finished samples (main fermentation and secondary fermentation)
Sensory evaluation of 10 finished products
Prepare and present evaluation results and advice