• Overall and comprehensive assessment of products’ quality of breweries
  • Overall and comprehensive assessment of entire production process being used
  • Overall and comprehensive assessment of the quality analyzes being used
  • Consulting and providing technical solutions to solve problems encountered during working at the breweries

WORKING SCHEDULE: Program includes 2 days, provided by doctor Bill Simpson, Director of Cara Technology – Senior consultant, and other experts of Cara Technology and Alphacorp.

Day 1:

  • Raise issue and discuss technical concerns that breweries interest
  • Visit, survey and evaluate the entire manufacturing process, from data entry to finished products and packaging
  • Sensory evaluate 10 finished products
  • Discussion, consultant and technical support

Day 2:

  • Depending on working results from day 1, re-survey and evaluate second times the intervention points such as yeast culture, sedimentation, filtration …
  • Visiting and evaluating analytical, microbiological and sensory laboratories
  • Sensory evaluation of water, ingredients, substitute materials, houblon and yeast
  • Sensory evaluation of 10 semi-finished samples (primary and secondary fermentation)
  • Sensory evaluation of 10 finished products

Prepare and present evaluation and consultancy