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Medical And Hi-Tech Equipments

Medical equipment:
By cooperating with leading manufacturers in the world, AlphaGroup has been known as one of the prestigious names specializing in providing customers with consulting services, design, supply, construction and installation medical equipment, medical systems, electro-mechanical systems, operating room interior systems for newly built hospitals or in need of renovation to meet national and international quality standards Such as monitor, ultrasound machine, ventilator, laparoscopic surgery system, X-ray system, LC/MS/MS system, GC/MS/MS system …. We confidently provide investors with basic, medium to high-end solutions and always meet the diversified needs of different customers in order to create harmonious values of quality and costs, satisfaction with technology solutions and efficiency in investment and use.

Hi-tech equipment:

AlphaGroup aspires to become a leading provider of technical, scientific and technological services, with a mission to contribute to the development of science and technology of the country and promote the integration process through providing advanced and effective solutions, especially providing equipment and materials for testing and research in Vietnam such as food testing laboratories, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, analytical laboratories, centers, research institutes and testing agencies, in order to bring the maximum reliability and benefit to customers. For that goal, we always strive to capture the latest technology in the country and in the world with competitive prices and the best quality of service to customers.

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