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F&B Input Material For Production

M.Sc. Le Viet Thang – CEO of AlphaGroup & Vinabeco was honored to receive the Ho Chi Minh Prize for science and technology of construction clusters: “Research, apply and develop mechanical technology – Automation in agricultural and food processing industry”. In 2007, Mr. Le Viet Thang participated in writing the book “Science and Technology of Malt and Beer”. Currently, AlphaGroup & Vinabeco have become commercial representatives for many brands of additives and processing aids, providing quality products to increasingly complete activities in real production plants. Products, Beer, Alcohol Vietnam beverage:
• Dupont (USA) supplies enzyme products.
• Cara Tecnology Ltd. Provides yeast strains and sensory chemicals for beer, wine, water and soft drinks. Provides training courses on sensory analysis and Technology-intensive Beer Alcohol Beverages.
• Stabifix Brauerei -Technik GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) stabilizers Silicagel and PVPP.
• Showa (Japan) Radiolite filtering powder products.
• Diversey (USA) detergents, industrial hygiene.
• And many suppliers of food additives:
– Bulk Powder (England) – Vitamin C
– Musashino (Japan) – Acid lactic
– Tetra (Findland) – Calcium chloride
– Jay Dinesh Chemicals (India) – Metabisulfite
– Neekanth (India) – Calcium sulphate
– Bride chem (India) – Caramel…

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