Van giảm áp hệ thống hơi nước

  • Van giảm áp hệ thống hơi nước
  • Van giảm áp hệ thống hơi nước
Miêu tả

 Mô tả kỹ thuật van giảm áp hệ thống hơi nước - Pressure Regulating Valves:

Fluid Steam
Inlet Pressure Max. 16 bar
Operating Temperature Max. 230 ℃
Min. Opening Pressure 0.5bar
Control Range 15A ~ 50A 0.2~3 bar, 2.5~7 bar, 6~15 bar
65A~100A 0.2~2 bar,1.5~7 bar,6~15 bar
150A 0.2~2 bar,1.8~8 bar,5~10 bar,10~20 bar
Turndown Ratio 20 : 1
End Connections Flanged
Flanged Body, Dia-Case Ductile Iron
Trim Stainless Steel
Diaphragm Phosphor Bronze


Tính năng:

  • Double layer Phosphor Bronze diaphragm : Precise and stable operation, extended service life
  • Increased flow passage : Less head loss, larger capacity
  • Stainless steel internals : Resistant to corrosion
  • Built-in Strainer : Prevents malfunction caused by foreign matter
  • Packing-less design : Minimizes leakage to atmosphere
  • Large turndown ratio : Secondary PRV is not required
  • Integrated pilot(up to 4”) : Convenient installation and maintenance