Van giảm áp Pressure Regulating Valves ứng dụng toà nhà

Miêu tả

 Mô tả kỹ thuật van giảm áp Hàn Quốc loại Pressure Regulating ứng dụng toà nhà (Residential Application):

Fluid Water
Áp suất vào Max. 10bar
Nhiệt độ hoạt động Max. 80℃
Dải điều áp 0.5 ~4.0bar, 4.1 ~ 6.0bar
Min. Áp suất mở 0.5bar
Min. control flow 5% of rated flow
Kết nối PT
Hydrostatic Test 17.5bar
Vật liệu Thân Cast Brass
Gioăng STS304
Diaphragm EPDM

Tính năng:

  • Various types and end connections : Suitable for any applications
  • Cast brass body : Optimal for drinking water line
  • Integral check valve : Blocks backward flow, preventing malfunction [Model:SWP-N01B]
  • Control bolt at the top : Easy to control pressure on site (No required special tool)
  • Wide and thin designed diaphragm, coil spring suitable for excellent regulation
  • NBR disc : excellent seat tightness
  • Less stem vibration with top guide
  • Stainless steel seat : Resistant to corrosion by fast flow velocity
  • Disc attached to disc holder tight : No disc vibration due to fast flow velocity
  • Optical size of opening area and microscopic screen net
  • Easy maintenance & repair : As you open upper case, all internal parts are available for repair/ exchange easily.
  • Internal flow passage of body is optimized by flow passage analysis.
  • Product reliability is proved through test of heat tolerance and durability