Aseptic valve series GEMBRA

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The GEMBRA-aseptic valve series stands out due to its uncompromising hygienic design. It is based on process-safe and stable aseptic diaphragm sealing. The use of an established technology ensures a safe process and an efficient operation. 

As a new and innovative hybrid technology valve series, GEMBRA valves combine the advantages of the safe and durable diaphragm seal with the geometric benefits of the seat-valve technology with regard to excellent cleanability, dead space free design and idling performance. 

GEMBRA valves are available as single-seat, change-over valves and leakage-proof doubleseat valves. GEMBRA aseptic technology has been certified by the EHEDG. 
This is a maximum of aseptic! 

Nominal widths:
DN 40-100 

 metallic diaphragm support
 antiadhesive k-flex sealing-
 excellent cleanability
► Pressure shock resistant up 
     to 30 bar
 Leakage recognition 
 high hygienic safety due to 
     dome-free housing