Miêu tả

Plate heat exchanger for high pressure applications

thermoPlus plate heat exchangers are characterised by the outstanding efficiency in high pressure applications with natural refrigerants, such as CO2 and NH3.

thermoPlus products consist of laser welded modules and can be used for any industrial cooling processes requiring low evaporating temperatures.

Special gaskets, developed for this very application, are not only resistant against the media flowing in the heat exchanger, but also guarantee the tightness of the plate heat exchanger and thus the safety of your plant.

Thanks to its flexible construction taking care of pressure and temperature changes, the thermoPlus can be used for applications with a big demand of heat recovery and energy saving. Thus, a new field of application was opened for special process conditions, also taking into account environmental safety requirements.

Your Advantages

  • operating pressure 50 bar on CO2 side (welded)
  • suitable for low temperature differences (Cascade)
  • high specific thermal efficiency
  • compact design, low space requirement, low weight
  • modular system offers high degree of flexibility, capacity adjustment by adding or removing plates
  • easy to clean
  • excellent fouling resistance due to high turbulence and smooth faces
  • high corrosion resistance