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The spectrum of thermoline's plate heat exchangers encompasses a diverse and variable range of gasketed and module welded versions with an excellent price-performance ration.

Both designs are produced by thermowave in the most varying plate sizes as well as individually required materials. Users can achieve a high degree of flexibility and investment protection, as their apparatuses can be extended an any time and be perfectly adapted to intensively changing areas of application.

thermowave gasketed plates

An optimal choice of material and gaskets adapted to the area of application and the elements ensures high reliability and flexibility of thermoline plate heat exchangers. The flow gaps for cold and warm elements are additionally sealed with elastomers which are ideally adapted to medium.

The gaskets in use are resistant against the media flowing into the apparatus.

thermowave’s line of heat transfer plates guarantee optimal adaptation to the heat transfer process through their structure and aspect ratio and can thus meet all customer specifications.

A further advantage of the gasketed thermoline® plate heat exchangers is their high flexibility. This is because they can at any time be opened, mechanically cleaned, adjusted for performance as well as equipped with other gasket and plate materials in the case of a change of medium.

thermowave welded modules

In the past no satisfying solution was offered using gasketed plate heat exchangers for special process conditions or aggressive media. The limitation was always the gasket material.

For this reason, the complete thermoline plate heat exchanger program was also made available in a laser welded configuration.

Thus, a new field of application was opened for special process conditions, also taking into account environmental safety requirements.