Kieselmann Tube connections and mounting accessories

Miêu tả

 Kieselmann provides the suitable and necessary tube accessories for the comprehensive tube programme. All components have been constructed according to our customers’ requirements as to hygiene and cleanability

Tube connections

 Unions DIN 11851/ISO/inch 
 Reducing pieces
 Small flanges PN 6/PN 10 
 Aseptic unions K-system/DIN 11864-1
 Aseptic clamp connections DIN 11864-3
 Aseptic small flanges K-system/DIN 11864-2 
 Aseptic clamp connections

Mounting accessories
 Pipe bell/rosette/spherical cap 
 End cap for rectangular tube 
 Holding flange/pipe supports 
 Pipe clamps/pipe slides